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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

PBS (100 caps)


  • Supports the glandular system.
  • Nourishes the pancreas.
  • Maintains already-normal-range blood sugar levels.

How It Works:

PBS is designed to nourish the pancreas and help maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range. PBS contains burdock root, nopal leaves, eleuthero root, horseradish root and goldenseal root. Goldenseal has traditionally been employed to support the liver. Nopal and burdock root support blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Eleuthero acts as a tonic for the body. Horseradish aids digestion.


Nopal leaves, burdock root, eleuthero root, horseradish root, goldenseal root and rhizome.

Recommended Use:

Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.


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