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Efficient Tissue Cleansing 

Although you clean your home on a regular basis, occasionally you give the home a deep cleaning by throwing away old useless things and cleaning nooks and crannies.  During the spring, the body often does the same thing with the help of the cold or flu virus.

Virus and bacteria are the household pests of the body much like mice or cockroaches. If there is no food laying around for the mice and cockroaches, they go elsewhere where there is a food supply.

If the body is clean, the virus and bacteria will pass through. However, if there is catarrh (acid and mucus with cell debris) or putrid feces, they will take up residence.

In response to these invaders, the body's immune system is alerted and exterminators (lymphocytes, phagocytes and macrophages) are sent out.

Some viruses serve a purpose.  They efficiently find debris and bring the body's immune system's attention to it.  And, as the body cleanses out the invaders, it also cleanses out the debris.  So rather that looking at all viruses as the enemy, realize that the flu and cold virus can also be nature's natural cleanse.

Depending on the area of the body that is invaded, you could suffer from a head cold (sinuses), vomiting (stomach), chest cold (lungs), fever (any body tissue) and/or diarrhea (bowel).

Many people, not wanting to suffer with these mild symptoms, will stop the cleansing process with things such as antibiotics, cold suppressants, fever reducers, etc.  And in doing so, the trigger to spring clean is disabled.

Therefore the toxic waste will remain.

I suggest if you develop a cold or flu and it isn't overwhelming the body, simply let it "clean house".

Some bodies are not able to trigger the necessary cleansing process on its own --- this could come from various things, such as:  low cell energy; years of suppressing symptoms; or congestion of eliminating systems.

When you feel the need for cleansing and you've missed the cold and flu season, you could do your own spring-cleaning.

This was a common practice in days gone by.  Mother would line up the family members and give them doses of vile tasting concoctions such as castor oil, and let the cleaning begin.

But now we know several ways to Spring Clean.

There is a proper hierarchy of systems to cleanse.

1. Bowel -- because the largest amount of toxins can be excreted at one time, it's always best to start here first. There are many different cleanses-- Clean start and Ivy cleanse are, perhaps, the most efficient.

2. Urinary system -- Flush it out. Lemonade used to be given. Here is a refined urinary flush:

  •  ½ of a freshly squeezed lemon - approx 2 T (not reconstituted lemon juice from the grocer's shelf)
  • 2 T maple syrup -genuine, not maple-flavored sugar
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 8 ounces water

Mix together and sip several glasses of this mixture throughout the day.

This cleanse will help flush out the kidneys and, as an added bonus, helps correct pH and melt fat, where the body stores toxins.

And, of course, don't forget the importance of an adequate amount of good water.

3. The skin -- by dry brushing or using a pot scrubber to clean off dead debris, the skin can eliminate more effectively. Your skin is the largest eliminating organ. In order to function properly, it needs to shed 1-2 pounds of toxins daily.

Some people use dry-skin brushing.  This is done with a good, natural hard-bristle brush.  Starting at the extremities and brushing toward the heart, you will be removing old skin and stimulating lymphatic flow.

As an alternative I, personally, use a plastic pot scrubber to bathe with, using the same principle of brushing toward the heart.

In addition to scrubbing, sweating is an efficient way of cleaning toxins out through the skin.  This can be induced through exercise (which is preferred) or sage tea.

4. Respiratory System -- It is important to correct the pH so that the respiratory system has the proper amount/consistency of mucus to cleanse.

Hydration and moisture are necessary. Yin herbs are helpful, such as Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm. Yang herbs, such as Fenugreek, Thyme, Horseradish, Capsicum (cayenne pepper) in the diet help melt and move thick or old mucus.

Now that all the eliminating channels are open, we can begin to do the deep tissue cleansing through the liver and lymph, which are secondary cleansing processes.

NOTE:  It is unwise to cleanse liver and lymph without first having the other systems open.

Caution: Never do a deep tissue cleanse if you have a weakened liver.

1. Liver. Another common practice from days gone by was the gathering and eating of dandelion. I know of no better herb which helps cleanse and nourish both the liver and kidneys. Dandelion is one of the main herbs in Liver Cleanse Formula, which is my personal favorite liver combo on the market today.

2. Lymph. Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) is the most efficient way to stimulate lymphatic cleansing and circulation. This can be enhanced by the taking of Lymph Gland Cleanse or Lymph Drainage. Limiting proteins and milk products minimizes lymphatic congestion.

Other things that can enhance the cleansing process are:

1. Short fast. A fast done properly is an excellent way to encourage the body to detoxify.

2. All Cell Detox. Many people would gather leeks and ramps in the early spring. Debris often settles in fat. The sulfur in the leeks and ramps helps emulsify and melt the fats in hopes to release the toxins, which then can be eliminated. An intense mega dose of All Cell Detox for 1 month supplies the sulfur necessary to eliminate toxins stored in deep tissue and fat.

3. Mega dosing Vitamin C to bowel tolerance (keep increasing until you get diarrhea and then cut back by one a day) for 2 weeks can encourage a respiratory cleanse. (Note: For the vitamin C to thin old mucus, you need to make sure you do not ingest milk products or sugars and drink plenty of fluids.)

4. Cleanse the blood. Red clover has been used as a blood cleanser. Blood should be thinner in the summer to help a person handle the heat. It's too bad that sassafras has been labeled as dangerous by the FDA or I would suggest it. :o)

5. Increase enzymes. Not only does the body use enzymes to digest food, it uses them to digest debris in the tissue and blood stream. Enzymes even help the body's immune system rid itself of tumors. Eating raw vegetables and fruits are a good source of enzymes. Food enzymes or Protease can also be taken between meals to help encourage the body to use the enzymes to digest abnormal cells throughout the body.

6. The stomach -- If digestion is sluggish, gastric catarrh (gummy substances) can accumulate in the stomach. Ginger tea during a 12 hour fast is often suggested.

Additional herbs which help with detoxing are: Liquid Chlorophyll, Bentonite Clay (under supervision only), Sheep Sorrel, Milk Thistle and Burdock Root.

The body cannot function properly when it is laden with toxins.  If the toxins are allowed to remain long enough, serious diseases, including cancer, will more than likely develop. 

Our ancestors didn't develop as many chronic conditions as we do now, in part because they understood the importance of cleansing.  I believe we can avoid many of today's maladies by embracing their wisdom.

It is much easier to tolerate the flu, or a cold, or even a healing cleanse, than to survive a health crisis.

Copyright © 2010 Dr. Mary Reed Gates, CNHP, MH, ND, Lancaster, PA