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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

Secondary Infertility, Trying to concieve? Infertility may have nutritional cause.
Infertility - Secondary

Infertility - Secondary

Secondary infertility is a condition defined as follows: When a couple who is unable to conceive after successfully carrying a child to term.

The changes which cause infertility can usually be narrowed down and reversed.  A decline in the health of the thyroid is probably the most common cause of infertility. Sadly, medical professionals can only diagnose a diseased thyroid; however, the thyroid does not have to be diseased to affect fertility.

The glandular system works as a symphony. If one gland is weak, oftentimes another gland will take up the slack of its function. It is not uncommon to have the thyroid weaken because it’s trying to do both its function as well as that of the weakened or sluggish gland.

The thyroid may try to take up the slack for a weak Pituitary Gland. 

If you draw an imaginary line  starting at the bridge of your nose towards the back of your head and  another between the ears, where the lines would intersect is where the pit. gland is located.

Symptoms of a weak pituitary gland can include headaches between the eyes, sinus drip, lack of ovulation, retaining a child-like appearance, long hard labors, the need to have been induced. breech presentation at labor and sometimes the evidence of a  buffalo hump-like deposit in your upper back just below your neck. 

The pituitary gland is very dependent on minerals.  Alfalfa, Master Gland, Liquid Chlorophyll or Herbal Trace Mineral Combination are very  high in minerals. My first choice would be Master Gland Formula.

The thyroid will try to compensate for weak Adrenal Glands.  One adrenal gland sits on top of each of your two kidneys.  They produce cortisol and sex hormones (testosterone, progesterone and estrogen). 

These glands also produce adrenaline referred to as our “fight and flight” hormone.  The adrenaline rush is produced to help us fight off or flee from danger.   (Note: The adrenals cannot differentiate between a physical attacker and an emotional one).

Besides stress, adrenals are also adversely reactive to stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea and caffeine.  Symptoms of a stressed adrenal gland can include anxiety, GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), panic attacks, irritability, high blood pressure or weight gain especially around the buttocks and stomach.

To soothe stressed adrenals, it is helpful to consume natural sodium and potassium.

A good source of sodium might be cucumbers, cabbage and celery.  Herbally, you could try Slippery Elm.  Sources of potassium include potatoes,  organic bananas, carrots, orange juice and most beans.  Herbally, fresh or supplement-grade dried Parsley or Combination Potassium would be beneficial.  Combinations are  typically more effective. 

Symptoms of weakened adrenal glands are feeling like you have a hang over in the early morning, not being tired at night, having an energy dip at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, fatigue,  low blood pressure and, in severe cases, a darkening of the skin where things rub, such as a bra or waistband.  Pubic hair also becomes thinner as your adrenal glands become profoundly weakened.

Supplements which nourish weakened adrenals are Potassium, B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) and GTF Chromium.  For adrenal exhaustion, Mood Elevator is an excellent and my first choice.

Thyroid Gland

Other than having to take over the responsibility for another gland, the thyroid can weaken because of a lack of nutrients for two reasons.  Either the nutrients are not being ingested or the person’s pH is such that the cells of the thyroid cannot absorb the iodine. 

Contrary to popular belief, our saliva’s (which is the same as the fluid which bathes the cells of the body) pH should be between 6.3 and 6.6 to be able to accept iodine into the thyroid.

Symptoms of a weak thyroid are typically low energy, hair loss and weight gain.  However, the two best indicators are temperature and moons.

 Moons Thyroid

There should be a moon found at the base of each of your fingernails. 

Typically, the more moons that are lacking, the weaker thyroid.   . 

Normal body temperature should be 98.6.  Less than this indicates a weak thyroid.  Typically, the lower the temperature, the weaker the thyroid

There are two ways the thyroid’s health affects fertility. 

  1. It  helps during ovulation.  As a matter of fact, the thyroid is known among herbalists as the third ovary. 
  2. It also helps maintain a pregnancy.  If the thyroid is weak and the temperature is low, it can affect incubation and development of the fetus.  If the temperature dip is severe enough, the fetus might not develop or survive especially in the first trimester.

Thyroid function often weakens as our birthdays pile up and is believed to be the number one cause of fertility problems.  If you are now pregnant and fear that you may lose your baby because your temperature is below 99.5, which is optimum during pregnancy,  I suggest taking Thyroid Support. 

If you are trying to conceive, but are not yet pregnant, I suggest trying to build the health of the thyroid by starting out with Thyroid Activator and, if necessary, progressing to TSII or Target TSII.

Another cause of infertility is often due to over toxicity.  Doing a bowel cleanse, then liver cleanse and finally all cell detoxification, can help encourage fertility and help the body provide an environment more conducive in carrying a healthy child.

Besides cleaning the liver, I would suggest nourishing the liver for so many reasons.  It usually minimizes the severity of morning sickness, it can help prevent toxemia and most importantly, it helps the body regulate the dominance of hormones needed for conception as well as the hormonal shift to maintain a pregnancy. 

Hands down Liver Cleanse Formula is one of THEmost remarkable combinations for the liver.

If there is a profound lack of nutrients, wisely, nature does not allow conception.  A lack of nutrients can also cause birth defects; an example is that a folic acid deficiency can cause a cleft palate or lip as well as spina bifida.

I believe every woman should prepare her nutrient warehouse before pregnancy by taking a natural prenatal vitamin, full spectrum minerals and ample amounts of fatty acids.  Therefore I suggest taking Nature’s Prenatal, Colloidal Minerals, Flaxseed Oil and Super Omega 3 oils.

There are other causes of infertility, such as, a prolapsed uterus, prolapsed transverse colon, pelvic infections and other structural problems. But, most inability to conceive is not caused by these problems and correcting the conditions noted above can dramatically improve your chances of conception.

Copyright © 2010 Dr. Mary Reed Gates, CNHP, MH, ND, Lancaster, PA