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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

Insomnia, is it difficult to sleep until late at night while sleeping in the morning is prefered can stem from a weak adrenal.

Adrenals - Can't get to sleep and/or awaken early

Some people can sleep a straight 8 hours but not during the night.   They aren't sleepy at night and early in the morning they have a hard time dragging their butt out of bed.  This is usually an adrenal symptom.

One adrenal gland sits on top of each of your kidneys.  Adrenals produce fight or flight hormones, antihistamines, cortisol and adrenaline for energy.

Things that are detrimental to the health of the Adrenals include:  coffee; tea; caffeine and stress.

Herbal Suggestions:   Indicators for choosing this combination
Pantothenic Acid (B-5), best if taken with complete B-Complex in the morning  Hard time going to sleep at night and hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Also wanting to nap at 2 - 3 in the afternoon.
Parsley (Potassium)  Retaining water, hypertension, charlie horses and/or craving potato chips.  I suggest if you have any of these symptoms to take Parsley in aggressive amounts.
Mood Elevator  Depression (indicates Adrenal Exhaustion and can include fatigue)
Chromium (GTF Chromium) Craving milk, sweets, alcohol, sugars or simple carbs
Cortisol Weight gain in stomach or buttocks

To test adrenal exhaustion at home,  lay down for 10 min and then take your blood pressure (BP) while continuing to lay there.  Then stand for 10 minutes and then take your BP while remaining standing.   Blood pressure that is lower while standing strongly indicates hypoactivity of the adrenal glands.

Symptoms of  an underactive adrenal function can include weakness, fatigue, digestive disturbances, rapid obesity, osteoporosis, dryness of the skin, weight gain--usually in neck, upper arms, upper legs and trunk of the body and discoloration of skin pigmentation where skin is rubbed, such as: bra; belt;  top of arms and legs; or in skin folds 

Copyright © 2010 Dr. Mary Reed Gates, CNHP, MH, ND, Lancaster, PA