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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

Can't shut mind off at night indicates that stress the the myelin on the nervous system is the culprit.  Stress management, diet and ...
Stress/Nervous System - Can't shut mind off at night

If you have a hard time shutting your mind off when you lay down, have invasive thoughts, obsess about something you should have done or saying your prayers, then I would supsect your nervous system is involved. Even if you do not feel like a nervous person.

The acid test of whether your nervous system is involved is if you dream (keeping in mind nightmares are not dreams).   If your nervous system has enough nutrients to replenish and heal itself, you will get into the 4th level of sleep called REM, where you dream.

I would first set up a solid foundation of Fatty Acids such as Flaxseed Oil, Super Omega 3 Oil or Evening Primrose Oil, and add to it a nervine combination.

 Herbal Suggestion 

 Indicators for choosing this combination

Herbal Sleep  For mild or short-lived bouts of insomnia
Nerve Control  If you catch yourself double checking things
Chinese Stress Relief  If you see things out of the peripheral vision, such as movement or something scampering across the floor that isn't there or if you think you hear someone call out your name or music that is not there.
Stress J  For Children who have yet to hit puberty.

Start out taking the recommended amount on the back of the bottle, and if you dream less then 6 days a week vividly and/or can't remember the dream for about 20 minutes after you awaken, I suggest increasing the nervine herb by one a day per week.   So the first week I might take 6 Nerve Control a day and, if I am not dreaming, the next week I would take 7 Nerve Control a day.  The following week, if I do not dream nightly, I would take 8 a day.... I would continue increasing until dreaming every single night and remembering the dream for 20 minutes after awakening. 

Copyright © 2010 Dr. Mary Reed Gates, CNHP, MH, ND, Lancaster, PA