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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

Liver detoxing - Go to sleep fine but wake up between 1 - 5 AM

The liver detoxifies between 1 - 5 AM.  When the liver is weak or overly toxic during the hours it detoxes, a little sugar will also be released.  The excess sugar can wake a person up.  Often in response to the sugar,  the kidneys filter it out and cause urine to be produced (kidneys should rest during those hours).  If you wake up for any reason such as:  to fluff the pillows; urinate; or look at the clock, I would work with the liver.   Some people even stay up for a time before they can go back to sleep.

Accompanying symptoms of liver that is under par can be found here-->   Liver Symptoms.

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Liver Cleanse Formula If you wake up during the night to urinate or look at the clock or any other reason, the liver is probably releasing a little bit of sugar when it detoxifies.

One of the best guides to dosages is waking up at night.  If your liver has all that it needs and is working efficiently, you will sleep all night without waking up.

I usually suggest taking Liver Cleanse (formally LIV-A) as directed on the bottle and increasing 1 capsule a day per week until the I sleep the entire night.   I would start out with 3 a day and if I wake up at night the next week I would take 4 a day.  If I still wake up the following week I would take 5 a day.  I would suggest increasing until I sleep the night through.

When the liver has enough nutrients it should be able to cleanse without waking you up or releasing sugar, causing the kidneys to produce urine.

After you are sleeping the whole night through for about 1 week you can try backing off the amount by decreasing 1 capsule a day per week, using sleeping the whole night as your guide.  If you start to awake again, increase the Liver Cleanse. 

NOTE:  When my liver was really weak I was up to 45 Liver Cleanse a day.  Now I do not need any and I still sleep the whole night through!

Copyright © 2010 Dr. Mary Reed Gates, CNHP, MH, ND, Lancaster, PA