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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

Free Amino Acids (60) capsules
Free Amino Acids (60) capsules
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• This product provides many l-form Amino Acids.
• Helps attain optimum muscle mass.
• Helps develop muscle tissue and density*.
Free Amino Acids with Magnesium & l-Carnitine [Structural] is primarily for individuals involved in strength and endurance training, especially for times of physical activity, stress and recovery.

Amino acids are building blocks of protein that help develop, build and maintain solid muscle tissue.

Twenty amino acids are needed by the body to make proteins, 12 of which the body manufactures. The other eight essential amino acids must be supplied in the diet.

The eight essential amino acids in this product are formulated to meet the Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) amino acid pattern that helps ensure the most efficient use of amino acids by the human body.

Combine this amino acid formula with physical activity and good nutrition to support muscle strength and endurance.

L-Carnitine helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are burned for energy.

Magnesium acts as a cofactor to help activate enzymes necessary for carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism.

Whether you’re an athlete or body builder, whether you’re physically active or simply need amino acid supplementation, this formula helps support your workout program.

Typical analysis of amino acids per two-tablet serving:


l-Lysine* 90 mg.

l-Histidine 16 mg.

l-Arginine 22 mg.

l-Aspartic acid 88 mg.

l-Threonine* 56 mg.

l-Serine 41 mg.

l-Proline 45 mg.

l-Alanine 44 mg.

Glycine 16 mg.

l-Glutamic Acid 140 mg.

l-Cystine 21 mg.

l-Valine* 70 mg.

l-Methionine* 29 mg.

l-Isoleucine* 56 mg.

l-Leucine* 100 mg.

l-Tyrosine 30 mg.

l-Phenylalanine* 56 mg.

l-Tryptophan* 14 mg.

l-Carnitine 100 mg.

Magnesium aspartate 100 mg.

Magnesium oxide 150 mg.

*Essential amino acids formulated to meet the FAO/WHO amino acid pattern.

This supplement contains no sugars, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, starch, soy, yeast or wheat products.
Adults: Take 2 tablets with a meal three times daily in addition to your daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.
Copyright © 2010 Dr. Mary Reed Gates, CNHP, MH, ND, Lancaster, PA