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Supplement Categories

Supplement Categories

Xylitol Mints (Lemon) (240)
Xylitol Mints (Lemon) (240)
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•Promotes oral health.
•Freshens breath.

Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol Mints [Structural]. We all have bad breath at one time or another, but no one wants it. Xylitol Mints help freshen the mouth and actually help promote oral health. Lactic acid, the most damaging acid for your teeth, is produced by the fermentation of sugar by bacteria. However, bacteria can’t ferment xylitol, which results in less tooth-destroying acid and promotes an inhospitable environment for unwanted microorganisms.

Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol Mints contain xylitol, calcium lactate, magnesium stearate, gum arabic, natural berry, lemon or peppermint flavor, glazing agent and beeswax.

Use after or between meals to freshen breath and promote dental health.
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